A Decade of Devotion!

February 19,2016
Tariq Iqbal, currently working as a Senior Manager in International Finance has been associated with IBEX Global for the past 11 years. He joined in as a Financial Analyst back in early 2005 and from there onwards has enjoyed a successful career path in the same company. In today’s competitive corporate environment where everyone is involved in a rat race and wherever a slightly better opportunity is seen, people switch very frequently, Tariq chose to stay and firmly establish his roots in one company which ultimately proved to be a very wise decision. And as they aptly say “A rolling stone gathers no moss” Tariq initially was hired at an entry level position in IBEX Global where he proved his capabilities and competence. After a couple of years he was put in a Managerial Role where he effectively led a team of resources under him. After that, he was promoted to Senior Manager, which he currently is and is the Head of Accounts Payable Department of IBEX USA, IBEX PLC (UK) and these departments are responsible for our financial operations in USA, UK and Europe. This indeed is a huge responsibility and working in collaboration across these countries can be very challenging due to factors like time shifts, communication barriers, physical barriers but for Tariq, neither of these things is a hindrance and he is able to deliver his goals and targets effectively and efficiently. And as he says, “I have been affiliated with IBEX Global for the past decade and I am proud to say that my company has given me window of opportunities to groom my interpersonal and professional skills.” Such commitment and dedication to work is also conducive to having a good team and supportive supervision. Tariq has always felt that the top management recognition and appreciation he receives keeps him motivated and on his toes. Such factors play a very important role in employee satisfaction which then eventually leads to betterment for the organization, in both terms; monetary and culture of the organization. As Tariq says, “I really value the friendly and professional environment at IBEX Global. There is integrity within employees and most importantly, everyone respects each other. This sociable environment and open culture here has what has made me stay loyal to IBEX Global for over a decade.” In the concluded remark, Tariq commented that he would always recommend IBEX Global to other people not only because the company values its resources, it also imparts values like integrity, excellence, respect and honesty in them. We wish Tariq all the best in the coming years! Keep Rocking! Gauhar Bhatti

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