9 Student Jobs You Have Not Considered Yet

October 23,2020
Are you a university student, planning to find a job and start your career early? Do you wish to get a taste of independence and learn what it means to be self-sufficient? Then you have come to the right place because we are here to tell you what you need to know about student jobs today! We have compiled a list of student jobs that would fit perfectly in your schedule while you study in university. Don’t believe us? Well you are about to step into student fairy tale, with the best of both worlds.
  1. Customer Service Agent:
If you have great communication skills and the passion to talk to people, then this one is your best bet. This student job is perfect for starting a career and building up your professional work experience. Companies look for individuals who can respond to customer queries through call, email, and live chat. Hence, it does not require complex technological understanding; just put on your headset and have a go! Due to the global pandemic crisis currently amongst us, contact center jobs are being done from home, so as to avoid physical contact and save time on commute. ibex Pakistan is currently offering a Work At Home program for those who can take on the challenge. This job does not demand any super qualifications and pays pretty good, and ibex also offers night shifts so you can juggle both your university and work.
  1. Freelance Graphic Designer:
Being a freelancer is a great choice as it allows you to work on your own timings, take on your own preferred workload and have the freedom to choose whichever brand you want to work with. You are your own boss! Some of the core responsibilities as a freelance graphic designer is to expand your networking to find clients, discuss requirements and objectives, come up with new and creative ideas, then providing suitable solutions to said clients, and finally, ensuring that the projects are completed on time. Some websites that offer projects for freelance designers are Fiverr, UpWork, 99Designs, etc.
  1. Email/Chat Support Specialist:
If you are not particularly good with communicating and editing but are great at typing and developing customer service solutions, then email/chat support is perfect for you. This student job does not require anything except for fast typing speed and good English. At ibex., we offer flexible shift timings and a wonderful team of experts to help you learn effective customer service tactics.
  1. Tutoring:
This student job allows you to earn good money with lesser work hours and a time of your choosing. If teaching is something you enjoy, then this job could be very rewarding and fun for you. As a tutor, you will be responsible for assisting students in understanding different subjects. You will be testing, helping, and encouraging students throughout their learning process. You will also be making sure the student does not hold any doubts regarding any topic or lesson after the teaching session.
  1. Social Media Manager:
We spend most of our free time on social media, debating on certain issues or just having a laugh at memes. Social media managers build communities for companies on social media, then engage these communities in conversations and encourage them to take some sort of an action which helps with building a positive brand awareness. In order to be an efficient social media manager, you must be up to date with all the latest social media practices and technologies. Attending events or seminars to help engage with audience and getting up close and personal with the designing, content, and marketing teams to make sure product or service quality is up to the standard. If you are a people-person who is good at motivating through words or captions and enjoys replying to people via comments on posts, then you might want to consider this student job.
  1. Image Editor:
If you lack communication skills but make up for it in the technical department, then this job might just be the next best thing. If you are well-versed in software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, then you should not look any further as ibex offers a great package with morning and night shifts. All you need is editing skills and you have got yourself one awesome job that works great with your studies.
  1. Brand Ambassador:
A Brand Ambassador is essentially the ‘face’ of the brand. If you are planning to take on the role of a brand ambassador, then it is a good idea to be well-known in your community and use those networks and relationships to market and sell the brand through word of mouth, or engage with others through social media posts. Not only that, but as a brand ambassador, you are required to attend events and meetings in order to represent your brand and conduct presentations of the product or service that your brand is selling and even organize giveaways. Speaking of becoming a brand ambassador, we have just the perfect news for you! ibex. Pakistan is about to launch its very own Brand Ambassador Program in 2020! It will be the perfect program for you as we are focusing our reach on wonderfully bright students who have the potential to make a difference and become social-media wizards! Stay tuned for the final launch because it is coming very soon.
  1. Data Entry:
If you happen to be excellent with organization and quick typing, then data entry is a fantastic choice for you. Data entry jobs require the person to assist brands with processing information and storing the saved data in neat and organized databases using computer software. Essentially, you work as a compiler, documenting any and every information going in and out of the company.
  1. Receptionist/Front Desk Staff:
Receptionist jobs are often fun and light-hearted, where often, you are the first person to receive a visitor. Some of the main responsibilities a front desk operator has is to greet people, answer any questions, tend to complaints by giving accurate information, direct available guests to the concerned department/section, and of course, answering incoming phone calls and other forms of queries. It is important for a front desk operator to be customer-oriented and receive guests with a pleasant smile and overall friendly demeanor, but also being attentive and well-disciplined. Conclusion Now that you have a handful of student jobs to choose from, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to choose one that best fits your skillset and get a head start on your career! We wish you good luck on your journey!   Javeria Shoaib Officer, Employer Branding ibex. Pakistan

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