10 Reasons for Employee Loyalty at IBEX

August 17,2015

IBEX Global is the largest BPO services provider in Pakistan. The company has over 1200 employees and is still growing. But what makes the company so popular? Let’s find out as we list the top 10 reasons why employees attach their loyalty to IBEX Global.

Reason #1: The Culture

IBEX Global operates on four core principles – integrity, transparency, excellence and respect. The organization provides a comfortable environment where employees can adapt quickly. The company has an open door policy and provides special attention to employee feedback.

Reason #2: Friendly Staff

The staff at IBEX Global is friendly and welcoming. New hires find it easy to mingle with their co-workers and develop friendships that last a life time. This is one of the biggest reasons why people who join IBEX Global never want to leave.

Reason #3: Secure Environment

The company has a secure environment where employees can feel safe while coming to work. The building is well guarded and equipped with security cameras. The office staff is available round the clock to assist with any needs.

Reason #4: Learning Opportunities

IBEX Global has a faced paced environment where decisions are made real-time and each member of the team is involved in the process. Employees get the opportunity to work on latest technologies and develop in-house solutions. Employees are also given the opportunity to set their own goals and show-off their skills.

Reason #5: Flexible Schedule

The company has a 24/7 call center and employees work in day and night shifts. The work hours are flexible and the company facilitates employees who need to work from home. This gives people an opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Reason #6: Professional Rewards

IBEX Global recognizes its workforce to be its biggest strength. The company has a 5 years Excellence Award which is given to employees who have completed 5 years with the company. This is a highly esteemed award given to those who have shown true commitment and dedication to the organization.

Reason #7: Monetary Benefits

IBEX Global is one of the few companies to provide salary bonuses in each quarter. The company also offers an annual appraisal at the end of each financial year. In addition to these benefits, employees also receive holiday and medical allowances at the beginning of each year.

Reason #8: Pick and Drop Service

The company provides pick and drop service to its employees which operates all day and even on weekends. The employees are picked from their homes and dropped back to their accommodations in air-conditioned cars. This means you don’t have to worry about parking space anymore when you join IBEX Global.

Reason #9: Recreational Activities

IBEX Global organizes recreational activities from time to time. The company realizes that such activities are important for team building and enhancing morale. Special events are arranged on Eid and during Christmas holidays. There is also a table tennis facility in the cafeteria where employees can challenge each other to an exciting game.

Reason #10: Free Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are on the house at IBEX Global. The employees can have a mug of cappuccino or enjoy a refreshing green tea. The stocks are replenished frequently so that you can have tea anytime you like. For those who do not prefer hot drinks, a vending machine is also available which serves cold beverages.

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