Where there is a Will, There is a Way!

Dec 28,2020
“Disability is just a mere word. You can do anything and everything if you have the will!” We partnered with Deaf Reach, a non-profit organization aiming to change the fact that less than 5% of 1 million Deaf children in Pakistan have access to education. They are not only working towards providing better education to their students but also providing advanced vocational training courses to deaf young adults in order to equip them with marketable skills and prepare them for an overall rewarding employment. When it comes to promoting young talent, ibex. is always at the forefront; giving them extraordinary experiences and a platform to explore their skillset and flourish. Thus, to lend our full support to people with hearing impairment, we invited Deaf Reach to open up a bakery in our cafeteria for a few days and share their wonderful and scrumptious food items with the ibex employees. We believe if you have what it takes to turn your weakness into strength, then you have ibex’s full support and are welcome with open arms. To leave no stone unturned, each and every individual at ibex. tower made sure to support Deaf Reach by purchasing the goods from their bakery in order to contribute in whatever way possible. Youth empowerment, education, and employment are the key to a better & successful Pakistan. We will continue to lend a helping hand to the young people whether it is by promoting quality education or by providing international standard training. Be a part of our cause and help us build an environment where there is no space for words like inability. Let us promote diversity, inclusion, and better opportunities regardless of age, race, gender, class, sexual orientation or physical impairment.

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