ibex. Celebrates Labor Day

May 29,2019
Ibex. takes the opportunity to appreciate their employees on this Labor Day Labor Day has been recognized as a public holiday in numerous countries of the world since 1978. Its origins lie in the great struggles in America by worker for shorter working hours at the end of 19th century, and the martyrdom of union leaders executed around 130 years ago. Thus, Labor Day is a celebration of employees and the working classes that is encouraged by the international labour association, socialists, or communists. It is celebrated every year as an official holiday on the 1st of May as a day to pay honor and acknowledge the laborers working day in and day out for our prosperity. In the spirit of Labor Day this year, we wanted to give something back to those who have helped build ibex. Thus, we took the opportunity to appreciate our employees by thanking them and arranging a special event to mark the day and celebrate their hard work with true spirit. This event was a great excuse to do something appreciating for our employees and thank them for being the true strength of the Company. We worked on decorating the whole workplace with balloons and other decorative. The event was carried out with a dress code of white and off-white. We also designed thanking stickers for each of our employees along with other activities like message corner, poster competition and plantation drive that offered exciting prizes to the participants. We firmly believe that when we take pride in our employees, these employees will take pride in our Company and so we are experiencing the same. Our high degree of employee trust helps us to constantly outperform the competitors in terms of efficiency, innovation and turnover. We make certain that our employees experience less stress, more energy, higher productivity and engagement, and less burnout and most importantly we make sure each talent is appreciated in the best way. Happier employees eventually contribute in spreading a positive energy throughout the organization. The happiness and contentment of our employees makes us equally happy and so we wish them a very Happy Labor Day!

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