Accenture’s $900 million bet on training

Jul 01,2017
BENGALURU: Accenture is evaluating its senior executives based on innovation and is spending more than $900 million a year on training, as the global IT giant looks at growing the amount of business it gets from newer technologies. Digital already contributes over 50% of Accenture's revenue and it has trained about 70% of its technology workforce to be able to deliver those technologies, a far higher proportion than its Indian rivals. “For the past 18 months, we have be .. Accenture employees, about 1,40,000 of whom are in India, are each assigned 80 hours of classroom training a year, in addition to online courses. Managing direc tors can spend up to a week in training sessions, Sekhar added. The company will spend over $1 billion in acquisitions this year. The IT company has been running innovation competitions for its employees for the past three years, but has now also added a competition in which clients and employees pitch their innovations toge .. “In some cases, the innovation workshops result in a change request, which is an add-on to the contract. In other cases, they are part of the ongoing innovation that Accenture offers its clients,“ Raghavan Iyer, innovation lead -Accenture Delivery Centers for Technology in India, said. The company has also focused its innovation challenge on India-specific problems. The latest challenge asked for innovations that would tie-into the Digital India programme launched by Prime Minister ..

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